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10 Reasons to go RVing

Maybe you’ve wondered about whether or not you should take an RV vacation. It seems like you’d want to try it, and it seems fun, but you aren’t sure if it’s the right thing for you. However, it’s a booming industry. The yearly RV sales are at around $14 billion. Baby boomers are getting on the road, and the RVing lifestyle and pastime are starting to become even more popular. If you have a little bit of the RV desire, then there are about ten good reasons for going on a RV trip.

Return To Nature: If you’re thinking about being outside, an RV is a great way to go. You can go to national or state parks, visit famous landmarks, and just take in the simple pleasures of natural settings and fresh air. You can go fishing or take a hike. You can do canoeing and white water rafting. You can ride your bike, go swimming, and play some golf. You can get a little exercise or do nothing, and just take pleasure in your surroundings.

Home Comforts: With an RV, you get the best of everything. You can have fun in the great outdoors, and you can still enjoy the creature comforts, as opposed to just tent camping. If you want to try a rental, or if you own a RV, most RVs are decked out. You will probably have a full kitchen with stove, fridge, and microwave, VCR, TV, beds, dining and living areas and a bathroom and a shower. A lot of RVs have rooms that slide out with the press of a button. You can rest outside under the awning, stay out of bad weather, and you can flip on the air if it gets too warm.

Family: Family members can come together and be near one another when they’re outside of their usual routine and having an easier lifestyle. Keep in mind that family connection can be difficult though. Even though the RV is comfortable, it’s a little living area for a big family. If you’re out renting, keep in mind that picking the size of your RV rental. In the day, try to take a little time outside for different activities, and give every family member some personal time and space on their own. The minor logistics can easily be taken care of. The basic consensus amongst RVing families is that a RV vacation often brings the family together with added communication and enjoying good times together.

Great For The Kids: A RV trip is a great way for children to travel. They can go outside and play with campground activities. There will probably be other children to hang out with and cool places to explore. Children of every age can take pleasure in a traditional campfire that comes with stargazing, songs, and stories. A lot of kids think it’s really fun to be in a home with wheels.

Campgrounds: There are a lot of choices for RV parks and campgrounds. In the peak times and tourist spots, you need to make reservations. Seek out the amenities that you want. Campgrounds could have tennis courts, biking or walking paths, game rooms, hiking trails, playgrounds, miniature golf, fishing ponds, boating, lakes, and swimming pools. You could find contests, barbeques, and dances.

Togetherness: RV clubs are good to check out because you can have access to campground site discounts and additional services. Consider the setting and size of the campgrounds, and check out campground directories and campground ratings. Think about the proximity to different kinds of landmarks and attractions too.

Options: In a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome, you have the options to move locations on a whim. Look at this with a grain of salt though. For popular places, you might not be able to get a campground site if you don’t get a reservation. You need to find the correct balance between viewing different places, the amount of time you spend driving and make sure you have enough to kick back. All cautions aside though, a RV will offer you a lot of spontaneity and freedom. RV travel is appealing to people who have a pioneering spirit and who want to create their own adventure as they go along the way. You’ll be able to explore wherever you want whenever you want, or you can take off for short trips, weekend trips, and tailgating events.

Cost: The idea of whether it is less expensive to go on a RV vacation doesn’t have a yes or no answer. The answer hinges on what kind of vacations you want to take, and how you want to plan your RV vacation. For a single trip, you can weigh using a RV compared to the costs of other travel, airfare, and hotels. If you are thinking about consistent RV vacations, you could want to buy a towable trailer or motorhome. In this instance, you have to look at the totalprice, maintenance, and operating costs. With a RV, you can save a little cash by cooking meals in your home instead of eating out. You can cut down on expenses if you use amenities and activities that come with the rate of the campground. Fuel costs can modulated well by traveling less and staying for a longer period of time at campground sites.

In The RV: Driving around yourself gives you complete control over the place you and your travel pace. You don’t have to do with airlines or keep to schedules. You can rest and take a breather whenever you want to. You don’t have to have a certain license to drive a RV. It takes a little bit of time getting used to, but the vast amount of RVs out there should tell you what’s possible. Practice driving on your own, or with someone else, before you take any passengers along with you. You can also use classes that are offered through your RV dealer or one of the several RV organizations out there.

Try Out The Lifestyle: The RV trip could act as a test of your total interest in the RV lifestyle. There are RV folks out there who spend a lot of time each year in RV travel. Other RVers might take several months off. Some RVers just take trips to warm areas when it gets cold. Some people are full-time RVers, and their sole home is their RV. A lot of people started by taking a trip in a RV so you can test out the lifestyle.

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